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Some Of Our Stats

Trent's Global Reach
Trent has delivered a variety of services & solutions to customers in over 43 countries, across 5 continents.
Trent’s Project Value
Over M
Over US$ 220M – Trent has worked on projects around the world, with a total value in excess of US$ 220M
Trent's Project History
Trent has successfully delivered over 74 projects to customers around the world.

Port Equipment Services and Solutions

Our highly qualified specialists utilise globally proven methodologies unique to the Trent Group in order to deliver a comprehensive suite of port equipment audits, as well as a variety of crane and equipment services, inspections, upgrades etc, covering all structural, mechanical and electrical aspects.

The Trent Group specialises in:

  • Structural crane inspections
  • Structural crane inspector training
  • Full finite element analysis modelling of crane structures
  • The design, procurement and replacement of ageing and obsolete components on all equipment types.
  • Crane lifecycle management (DIGILIFE)
  • Crane life assessment and extension
  • TrentSIM (our crane inspection app)
  • TrentTPI (our crane TPI app)

Port Development and Operational Services


We deploy our internationally experienced team to perform a range of brown or green field port development services, ensuring all equipment, operations, facilities, civils, validations, acquisitions, and performance checks are performed to the highest standard. Trent Global is proud to deliver industry better practices, supplying essential reporting and insight to port people all around the world.

Our focus areas include:

  • Equipment, civils and facilities Detailed Due Diligence, Master Planning, including safety and green related health checks.
  • Terminal due diligence, assessing in part or the whole terminal including for port acquisition.
  • Engineering focused department due diligence, evaluating organisational structure, inventory, procurement strategy, maintenance practices, policies, procedures and processes, performance measurements, and competency and skills management.
  • IT, Operations and HSSE focused due diligence and assessments.
  • Turn-key Asset Management ISO 55001 compliant assessments, including whole terminal and department assessment, combined with full AM 55001 program development and phased implementation.

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Terminal Equipment Procurement


Trent’s internationally proven turn-key procurement solutions can be adapted to all ports and projects of all sizes.

We cover container ports, as well as general cargo, bulk and mineral ports.

From the creation or procurement of port equipment specifications (including tendering, negotiations, evaluations and award), to the design, development, customisation and delivery of complex port equipment, our team delivers an end-to-end project management capability.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Comprehensive and insightful support
  • iSpec solution for port equipment procurement and project management
  • Specialised crane & equipment design review services
  • TPI services on all port crane, equipment and cargo solution types
  • Commissioning and handover support at terminal
  • TrentTPI app solution for a more collaborative TPI experience
  • A more pleasant, meaningful and collaborative experience between Port operator, OEM Equipment Manufacturer, Major component providers and Trent.
  • Used equipment sourcing and procurement (including used mobile equipment)
Your Truest Terminal Operations Port Partner
Your Truest Terminal Operations Port Partner

Zero Emission & Sustainability


The Trent team has had a long and relentless focus on green fuels, low and zero emission equipment, and sustainability within the port environment and beyond.

Not only does our approach regarding the development and application of appropriate Ai focused technologies within a port bring environmental benefits, but the zero emission port equipment products we represent and sell as Trent, do as well.

These all-new ground up designs, allow us to redefine the rule book when it comes to port equipment, and what our customers can now look forward to owning and operating within their terminal.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Zero emission manually operated Terminal Tractors (E-Truck)
  • Zero emission fully autonomous Terminal Tractors (Q-Truck)
  • Zero emission shuttle busses (Q-Shuttle)
  • Full Stack cutting edge ‘holistic smart port solution’ (WellOcean)
  • Green terminal strategy development & transition.
  • Global smart support options including all-new state of the art Global eMarketplace support for all port assets & equipment.

Port Technology and Automation

Leverage tailored implementation, support and pricing solutions to suit your needs and collaborate with a been-there-done-it-all team that cares about your precise requirements.

Our proven port technology strategies are delivered by Trent in close collaboration with a field of specialised and established industry partners. Our approach embraces Ai technologies, autonomous operations and automated solutions for ports, terminal systems and equipment.

Our Services, Technology and Solutions include:


Ai focused autonomous, automated cranes & equipment

Autonomous, automated, remote controlled cranes and equipment.

Ai focused, autonomous, automation

Ai driven operational systems, Ai TOS, Ai EAMS, Ai asset failure prediction, Life cycle management solutions, Ai terminal analysis, BPM Platform


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